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Wolf Moon

Tonight marks the first full moon of the year 2017. Because it is the first full moon, it is also known as the wolf moon. This name dates back to American Indian culture and their belief that wolfs howl at moon because they are hungry. There is also an added bonus that comes with tonight’s bright moon.

When the moons orbit is closest to us, it is called perigee. When perigee and a full moon coincide, as they will tonight, the result is a brighter, bigger moon. This means that some features of the moons surface will be very visible. I hope that everyone will be able to take a few minutes to walk outside and check out this rare and awesome sight!

First Full Moon In January

Wolf Moon

Brian Baggett the Video Presenter for Musicians Friend Private Reserve

The term “private reserve” sounds so uppity, but in all reality anyone can purchase a musicians friend private reserve if you know what you want/need and you have the means to  pay for what most discriminating players and collectors are interested in.

I have been doing business with Musician’s Friend for some time now. Their website is way up high on my “Favorites” list and I don’t see it coming down any time soon. With Christmas shopping in full swing considering it is finally after Labor Day. The musical side of the family is always looking for new musical related items. Musician’s Friend has helped me figure out the perfect gift time and time again over the years.


Brian Baggett is the Video Presenter for Musician’s Friend Private Reserve Guitar

That Time Of Year

This has always been one of the best times of the year for me. When the weather starts changing from hot to cold is when I like it best. I love to see the leaves turning colors and then falling to the ground. The only thing I don’t like is raking them up.

Anyway, I am changing my wardrobe from hot weather clothes to the cool weather ones. I see that I may need to visit the local shopping mall and make some new purchases. That is all part of the fun of fall!!

raking the fall leaves

Leaves, leaves and more leaves

A view from the street

Since we have started working on fixing up the house, we have noticed a new problem. While the inside has shaped up nicely, the outside has suffered from neglect. My husband and I noticed that the house really looks awful from the street. We decided to do something about it. We looked around online and found a neat site of Larson Shutters that has a wide variety of shutters to choose from.

We were so happy when they were delivered and installed. Now the house really looks a lot nicer. The street view is a lot more pleasant and even some of the neighbors commented on it. I am glad we decided to upgrade our house as it has paid off. Now, all I have to do is mow the lawn!

Our Many Bridges That Need Repair

From time to time in America, you hear about some bridge or another that has fallen down. While it doesn’t happen that often, it does happen often with tragic results. Our bridges and roads are in bad shape in some areas and they need to be fixed. I hope our congress will support this effort by passing a new bill that will allot at least $60 billion dollars toward this effort.

broken bridge

Just One of Many Old Broken Bridges