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I won the office pool!

It’s finally happened! I won the office pool for the monster truck tickets for the show next week. That’s right, four tickets to the show. I plan to treat my family to the event, but it seems I’ll have to buy one more ticket so we all can go. Anyway, playing the office pool has finally paid off. I’ve been playing for years with no results, so it’s nice to finally have something to show for it!

Trip to the Landfill

Today a couple of my guy friends, borrowed a truck and came over and were kind enough to load the pick up full of junk that has managed to find it’s way into my drive way. It has been a while since I have been out there and done a major clean up.

My drive way looks so much better now and they promise to come back next week and do some raking for me, aren’t I the special one. No, really these are great guys and I’m lucky to have them as friends. What goes around comes around!

pick up truck full of trash

The Landfill Filling Up

Find The Right Truck Rentals For Moving

For the past few months, my Fiance and I have been looking around for a new house to settle down in and start our family. We looked at many different options in many different near by areas, but it seemed like we were both just too picky. Luckily yesterday my Fiance and I had came to an agreement to buy the 4th house out of the fourteen we had gone and looked at.

We were so excited to finally make a choice after burying our heads into this months and months ago. We immediately starting packing up our old place shortly after making our choice of our first bought home.  As we were both packing I asked my Fiance if he had plans already with a moving truck or if that was something that I needed to find asap, and he replied that he had not found a truck we could use to move all of our stuff into. Needless to say I jumped straight to it, before we packed up our entire place and have no way to get all of it to our new home safely and without breaking the bank.

I sat down in front of my computer and started my search for just that. It took some searching and comparing to figure out what moving company to go to, but ended up finding an awesome website I wished I would have clicked on in the beginning, it would have made my search much easier. All I had to do is type in my zip code of our current house to find the nearest truck rentals for an affordable rate.


With the recent snowstorms that have hit the east coast, I have been right in the middle of ground zero. It seems that after each storm is done, another is on its way. There is snow everywhere and it doesn’t want to go away. My car is a mess and I need to get it washed soon, but I guess it will just get dirty again!

I’ll be glad when we have a nice day with sunshine and a little warmth. As much as I like snow, too much of anything can be a pain in the butt! Spring is almost here and so I’ll just have to look forward to that!

dirty car

Car Dirtied From Snow