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Hard Lessons

In this life, we all have to learn some lessons the hard way. One of the lessons I learned was about car insurance. It always pays to have it. I remember when I got my first car and I had set up an appointment for the next day to buy insurance. The problem was that I wanted to drive it home immediately. As soon as I got off the lot I was hit from behind by a truck.

Needless to say, the incident cost me a fortune. To this day, I will never get in a car without insurance! I highly recommend that anyone buying a vehicle should look for car insurance quotes before you drive the car anywhere! I hope you can profit my hard earned lesson!

I won the office pool!

It’s finally happened! I won the office pool for the monster truck tickets for the show next week. That’s right, four tickets to the show. I plan to treat my family to the event, but it seems I’ll have to buy one more ticket so we all can go. Anyway, playing the office pool has finally paid off. I’ve been playing for years with no results, so it’s nice to finally have something to show for it!

It’s All In The Timing and September Is Such A Busy Time

It really bites that most of my friends and family have relocated so far from here. We do try to keep in touch with all of the various ways that today’s technologies allow us to and for the major holidays we have managed to get most everyone together as best as we can, but it still hurts.

A good friend of mine is hiring a local DJ for her 25th wedding anniversary party she is throwing in September that I would love to attend. This DJ has the latest pcdj software that is so talked about these days in the music industry. Unfortunately September is such a busy month, what with schools getting started and all the chores that are required to tend to at that time of the year, that there really isn’t any real chance that I could just take off for a long weekend for something like this. At least I know that there will be plenty of pictures that I can look at when she gets around to posting them on Facebook.

The List

One of my favorite sites to visit is Craig’s list. After my sister told me about the site a while back, I have been checking it out on a constant basis. I really enjoy looking through all the items that are for sell. I also like to check out the wanted items section. There is a wide variety of things available and many times they are very inexpensive. I have also posted some things myself! I like that you can look for local items that are easily picked up after purchasing instead of having to the usual shipping and handling fees that we are all having to deal with on sites like eBay and Amazon.

I had an old bicycle that I wanted to get rid of. It needed a little repair, but it would be a great bike for someone who needed one. I listed the bike on the free items section and received a call from a man who was interested. He came and took the bike and was happy to have it. I was glad to get rid of it and free up some space in our garage! I think everyone should take a few minutes and visit this site, but be careful, you may find yourself becoming a Craig’s list junkie like me!

Girl Loves To Fish…

I’m that one in a million girls that loves to fish. I like everything about it. I can do everything from untying the boat and “Shoving off” to heading out to open water. We did a lot of fishing when we were young. My dad taught the whole family, the  boys and the girls. Acting all girly girl didn’t cut the mustard with my Dad, he had all three of us girls baiting our own hooks and teaching us how to take the fish off the hook after you have reeled it in. That was the hardest part for me and still is. I feel bad for the fish, no way do I want it to suffer and cause it unnecessary pain at all. I’m not all that crazy about cleaning
the fish either. I am always so afraid that I am going to miss a bone and someone will end up choking on it and dying because of something that I didn’t do right. That would be just god awful!

I was looking in my tackle box, what a mess! I need to sort it out and give it a good cleaning. I still have plenty of line and tackle, but I may need to upgrade some of my lures. Well, I guess I’ll go get that done. If the weather continues to be so nice, I’ll be down at the shore!

fishing girl

Girl Gone Fishing