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With the recent snowstorms that have hit the east coast, I have been right in the middle of ground zero. It seems that after each storm is done, another is on its way. There is snow everywhere and it doesn’t want to go away. My car is a mess and I need to get it washed soon, but I guess it will just get dirty again!

I’ll be glad when we have a nice day with sunshine and a little warmth. As much as I like snow, too much of anything can be a pain in the butt! Spring is almost here and so I’ll just have to look forward to that!

dirty car

Car Dirtied From Snow

Fixing it up!

With the summer coming and the long winter finally over, I have been thinking about fixing up the house. One thing that was very apparent was that some of the rooms needed a new coat of paint! I’ve never minded painting so I took on the task myself and got started. I already knew the color I wanted so that was not a problem. I gathered my materials and chased the kids outside.

The hardest part about painting is making sure to get the corners and the joint between the wall and ceiling correct. I do that by applying blue painters tape and going from there. It takes some time to get things cut in, but after that it is a breeze. I rolled the walls and ceiling and was able to finish the job in good time. I’m glad that things went pretty well and now I have a brand new looking room. I am woman!

painting rooms

colorful paints