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The French Parenting System

Was reading an interesting article today about how the French do things a little differently when it comes to parenting their children. A few of the points made hit home with me and I thought you may want to hear them.

One thing is that the French expect their babies to sleep through the night. They do not get up at the first sound from their loved one and go check to see if he/she is alright. They also do not give their kids snacks except for at four o’clock. This way the kids are hungry when dinner time comes. I thought these tips sounded good and I think that some people should put them into practice. What do you think?

baby crying

Different Strokes For Different Folks

Dog Eaters

While I am considerate of other people’s cultures, there are some that are disgusting to me. One thing I hate to hear about is people who eat dogs. This is an ancient Chinese tradition that I wish would go away. I was glad to discover that steps are being taken to make this dream come true.

The annual dog eating festival in China has been going on for more than 600 years. Local officials have decided to end the festival this year due to an increased level of dog owners who value the dogs as more than a meal. I am very glad that this disgusting event will end.

Gone To The Movies

It was interesting for me to learn that popcorn has been around for many more years than anyone previously knew. It turns out that ancient Peruvians were enjoying this delicious snack for as many as 6,000 years ago. I wonder if they invented butter as well!

Anyway, corn in any form is very important these days. It’s good to know that there are some things we can count on to keep humans alive and happy. Thank you corn.

Winter Doldrums

The winter doldrums can be fought with lots of parties. At least, that’s the logic we’re going with around here. People are itching for an excuse to get out of the house and be around people. So we have parties scheduled for one reason or another just about every weekend through the end of February, and then the weather gets nicer in March and we can get start heading outdoors again.

Of course the mother lode of parties will be the Super Bowl party in just a couple of weeks. That is an event unto itself and the competition for holding the biggest and best gets higher stakes each year. Personally, there might be a few of my friends hosting Super Bowl parties that I’d like to attend, but I’m going to the boss’s house for his party. At least the food and beverage will be top shelf and he has a 52 inch HD plasma screen to watch the game – and commercials.

I want to throw a dinner party the following weekend for about 10 people. The web site celebrations.com has some nice ideas for choosing a dinner party theme and then building the party around that, with invitations, decorations, menu items, etc. With all of their dinner party ideas it’s almost like dinner in a box, but you provide the food! It’s been years since the last dinner party I threw. It was an Italian theme to celebrate the final episode of the Sopranos. It was so much fun but it was a sad occasion. I miss the Sopranos and it broke my heart to see the show end, but it was a great night with lots of authentic Italian food. If I had known about the Celebrations web site back then, I might have kicked up the decorations a few notches. So I’ll cruise the site and find some new ideas for my party on the tenth.

Bottle or Tap

I came across an interesting article today that described some of the differences of bottled water versus tap water. I had always thought that bottled water would be cleaner and safer than tap. Little did I know that is not always the case? It turns out that tap water is regulated much more thoroughly than bottled.

The EPA has strict guidelines for tap water and almost no guidelines for bottled. I would hope that everyone would check out the safety of their water by contacting one of the many agencies that give information about your water. Safety should always be a first consideration.