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The Library

I had some time to go down to our local library. I needed to take back some books and pick up some new ones. They have a very nice area where you can sit and read. I’ve always enjoyed going to the library. It’s a great place to get some peace and quiet. There is something about being around all those books as well.

The best part about our library is that it is very close to my house. I can stop on my way home and drop off the books I have and pick out some new ones to read. I usually like the scary books like Stephen King writes. I also like the ghost stories as well. Sometimes I take the kids with me. I think it’s good to expose them to literature at an early age. All in all, the library is one of my favorite places to go!

The Senior Year

I’m glad that my sister’s eldest daughter is graduating from High School this fall. This young woman is as sharp as a tack and will certainly make a huge difference in this world in many ways. Right now everything is all about the S.A.T.s and the Homecoming football game and the homecoming dance.

She has her dress all picked out and almost paid for. The st petersburg fl limo service is all lined up. The only things she needs is the shoes and the purse that she will be wearing. I can’t wait to see the pictures as well as hearing all about how this very special high school senior event was for my oldest niece who I will always have a soft spot in my heart. You go girl!

The New High School

It looks like the new high school is almost completed. It’s too bad that it couldn’t be all done by the start of this year’s school year, lord knows they tried. When I was driving by there yesterday I see that they are now putting in the grandstands out in the athletic field, which was a big deal during the planning stages. The whole ordeal has been a big deal, but I feel sure that when all is said and done, it will be all worth it and all the kids that go through those doors will benefit immensely from here on out.

Going to Read

One thing I really like doing is to go to the library. It’s right on the way home so it’s very convenient for me. I usually stop at least once a week and check out a few books. I like that it’s always quiet there and I also like the smell of all the books. When I have time, I like to stay awhile and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Sometimes I’ll take the kids and let them enjoy it too. I like to let them explore and build a respect for books and reading. I think it’s important that they have a solid foundation of learning that can broaden their horizons. It’s too bad that our local library has been dealing with a lot of budget cutbacks, like most other libraries are going through these past several years and now they are not open on Sundays at all, which I think would effect numerous kids that still rely on the library for help with homework. Not every household around here has Internet access, in fact there is a whole section that is just a few miles from our home that still has no Internet Connection options available to those who live there. I just can’t imagine what that would be like in this day and age for kids and teachers that are depending and all that the Internet has to offer with school work.

The Start of the 2012/2013 School Year Is Here

The roads will be jammed packed with those big yellow school buses from here on out. Here in this county school starts tomorrow and the surrounding towns and counties start on Monday. What ever happened to waiting until after Labor Day? I have a good friend who lost his job last year and will start on his new career as a school bus driver in Colorado. I will be thinking of him each time I see a school bus from now on. Hope he can manage all of those loud and crazy kids day in and day out, not a job that I could handle, I can guarantee that.