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My Cat Is Funny

We have three cats in our house. Today I would like to speak about one of them. His name is tiger and he likes to go outside a lot. The problem is that it has been raining and he hates the rain. Nevertheless, he meowed at the door and so I let him out. When he discovered it was raining, he wanted back in.

I guess my cat thinks he is smart and so he decided to try the back door. He meowed at the back door until I let him out again. He quickly discovered that it was raining outback as well. Now he has given up and is under the couch. He is one funny cat!

Dog Eaters

While I am considerate of other people’s cultures, there are some that are disgusting to me. One thing I hate to hear about is people who eat dogs. This is an ancient Chinese tradition that I wish would go away. I was glad to discover that steps are being taken to make this dream come true.

The annual dog eating festival in China has been going on for more than 600 years. Local officials have decided to end the festival this year due to an increased level of dog owners who value the dogs as more than a meal. I am very glad that this disgusting event will end.

Leather Accent Chairs

Being an animal lover does come with a price. It isn’t cheap to own and care for any domestic animal that so many people enjoy relationships with. Through out the years we have had all kinds of critters here in the house. They come, they go, so stay until they are healthy enough to make it on there own or until their time on this earth has ended, hence so many tiny grave  sights in the one back corner on the backyard.

Besides the food, the treats, and medical attention that all animals require, dogs are real good at ruining household furniture and/or the carpet or the bare floors. Now that we no longer have any dogs and I have made it clear that no more dogs will be allowed in the house anymore I am excited about getting some decent furniture in the front room. The old furniture is torn up and stained beyond belief. I refuse to allow anyone to go into that room when they come over for a visit. It will be nice to have that room back and be rid of the old nasty stuff.
I have been eyeballing some very nice Leather Accent Chairs with Arms at ClubFurniture.com that are really peeking my interest. If I can find a couch or at least a loveseat to go along with it I think I just might have to run with it. I have always enjoyed accent chairs, they are always a nice addition to a room and provides extra seating as well. I love the swivel aspect of this one.

ready to ship right to my house

360 Degrees Swivel Leather Tub Chair

Smarter Than Rain?

Anyone who has ever owned a cat has been led to the door. My cat Jack will come over and meow, meow, meow until someone gets up and lets him out. Jack is very territorial and likes to check his turf on a nightly basis.

One thing Jack does not like is rain; it would take a lot of effort to put him out in it. Jack is a pretty smart cat and when he sees its raining out of the front door, he will try the back door next. It’s always funny to me that he thinks the back door will provide results more to his liking.

Which reminds me of a story that my father told me when I was little, how he was looking out the window of his living room, when he was little, and it was raining. Then he went to the back of the house and looked out a window in the rear of the house, and to his surprise it wasn’t raining out back.

I really don’t remember the reason or the moral of the story, I just remember him telling me that this happened and how surprised he was at his discovery. I’ve always wanted to witness such an event and have tried to no avail as of yet anyway.

In the mean time, back to the present time, poor jack, I guess it’s another long night looking out the window!

My Thoughts on Wireless Fences For Dogs

With the amount of pit bulls that are continuing to become so popular in our neighborhood, I am really concerned with the safety of the people that are outside enjoying the nice weather and getting all the things done that are necessary to do outside at this time of the year. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to call our local police department to inform them that there is a pit bull loose in the neighborhood, which is against the law as well as morally wrong, in my opinion.

A few neighbors have turned to purchasing and installing the wireless fences for dogs, which is all well and good to a certain extent. Unfortunately many people aren’t aware of this invisible fencing and are still intimidated with seeing a dog (usually a pit bull) alone and unattended to in their yard, not even knowing or realizing that there has been a wireless fence installed. I really wish that they would make signs stating that this property is using a wireless fence and that people would purchase them and install them in the sights of people that are passing by. This would make a lot more people feel safe and secure knowing that these dogs are going to come running after them.