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A New Way To Move

Our neighbors down the street have decided to move. As I was talking with them about the move, I discovered something interesting. They have found a novel way to use moving trucks to their advantage. They basically found a new system of moving and the idea is unique. It’s called ABF U-Pack Moving and here’s what happens. They deliver an empty trailer to your home. You have three days to pack the trailer and then they come pick it up.

After they deliver the trailer to your new home, you then have three days to unpack the trailer. I thought it was the coolest idea I’ve heard of yet. There are so many horror stories about moving companies, and this idea eliminates all the potential problems. Of course I volunteered to help them load up their things and watched as they said goodbye. I think I’ll try this system if we ever move.

Shame on the Spoilers

While Halloween is a great holiday for many, there are always some who want to ruin the event. This happened in my neighborhood a couple of years ago when some teenagers tried to steal candy from some of the kids who were younger than they. I think this is repulsive.

I would certainly hope that everyone would respect this holiday and allow everyone to enjoy it. Those who don’t, should be punished severely.

Halloween Goodies

Halloween Candy