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Musical Neighbor

You have to understand that I don’t have a single musical bone in my body. I can’t carry tune, in fact my babies would cry when I would try and sing to them in an effort to comfort or soothe them into a nice slumber. NOT! They would cry and scream even louder, something I took to heart for a very long time and still throw in their face from time to time and we have a good laugh about. But it still a fact that I can’t sing.

I have never had any luck with any musical instrument that I have found myself attracted to or given access to. I took piano lessons for 2 1/2 years and still can’t read music or play even the simplest tune that many 2nd graders know by heart. I couldn’t even memorize chop sticks for goodness sakes!

So my neighbor was rattling on about his new microphone from the local guitar center atlanta that his wife had gave him for his birthday, last year, She round it at which he really didn’t have a birthday at all because he is a leap year baby and last year wasn’t a leap year. It seems that the years that he really doesn’t have a calendar birthday his wife really goes out of her way to make up for “inconvenience” of being a leap year baby, which I think is pretty cool of her. They are good people, don’t get me wrong. It is such a pleasure to have neighbors that are as nice as these people are it’s just not what I had planned for tomorrow night, but nothing that I can’t reschedule.

Knick Knacks and More!

Our house seems to have accumulated an overly large number of nick knacks. Many of these items are gifts that we have received over the years and others are ones we admittedly purchased for ourselves when the urge and need hit. No matter how they came, they are here in spades! Everywhere I look the shelves are full to the hilt with all manner of treasures. We have nearly everything one could think of.

The biggest problem we have with all of these things is the ability to dust them off. They seem to attract a great deal of dirt and grime and are in constant need of being cleaned. I’ll be glad when the time comes that we will be able to rid ourselves of some of these space taker uppers and free up our shelves!

We will have our selves one heck of a yard sale. Feelings will be hurt and relationships will be strained, but for goodness sake, it’s only stuff and you can’t take it all with you when you go. I still have stuff from when I was 12 and 13 that I can’t even image letting go of, but at some point it will, when the time is right.



Cell Phone Photos

My cell phone has a built in camera but I have no idea how to use it. I tried to figure it out this morning, as I wanted to take a snapshot of a big tree that had fallen on my neighbor’s house. It was a huge tree and it fell across the corner of her roof before crashing onto her driveway. Thank goodness her car was parked in the garage and no one was outside to get hurt.

Anyway, I wanted to get a quick picture of it and I could not get the phone to display anything that said camera or photo. I guess I’ll ask Kenny about it when I see him later. I wish that I had a regular camera that I could rely on to take at least a half way decent photo.

camera for a gift

A New Camera For Christmas

The Sunday Paper!

sunday coupon inserts

sunday coupon inserts

One thing I really enjoy is receiving the Sunday paper. Every Sunday is always a treat for me when I get the paper. I still like the smell of all the ink and paper and the weight and feel of it. I usually go for the Comics first. I’ve always enjoyed seeing my old friends such as Charlie Brown and Snoopy. After that, I may check out the other sections such as Home or Living. Of course the best part of the Sunday paper is the coupons. My neighbor is one of those extreme couponers and has 5 Sunday papers delivered to her house every Sunday and the next day, Monday you can find her knocking on all of the neighbors doors asking for their coupons that they aren’t going to use. She has the whole street trained to have their coupon section ready for her come Monday afternoon and if they want to clip any of them then they better do it right away or lose them, she is that good!

I’ve been hearing stories about many of the large paper companies going out of business. We have all ready lost so many of the small town papers, I am sad to hear of this. I would miss having my paper delivered every Sunday and it would be a sad day indeed if I could no longer receive it. I hope the paper will continue to be available for years to come!

My Thoughts on Wireless Fences For Dogs

With the amount of pit bulls that are continuing to become so popular in our neighborhood, I am really concerned with the safety of the people that are outside enjoying the nice weather and getting all the things done that are necessary to do outside at this time of the year. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to call our local police department to inform them that there is a pit bull loose in the neighborhood, which is against the law as well as morally wrong, in my opinion.

A few neighbors have turned to purchasing and installing the wireless fences for dogs, which is all well and good to a certain extent. Unfortunately many people aren’t aware of this invisible fencing and are still intimidated with seeing a dog (usually a pit bull) alone and unattended to in their yard, not even knowing or realizing that there has been a wireless fence installed. I really wish that they would make signs stating that this property is using a wireless fence and that people would purchase them and install them in the sights of people that are passing by. This would make a lot more people feel safe and secure knowing that these dogs are going to come running after them.