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Hot Deals A Plenty

There are Hot Deals a plenty going on right now at Musician’s Friend’s website. Now is the perfect time to start seriously looking at great deals online much like the awesome deal on fender rumble bass combo amp. Unbelievable that in just over two months we will be running around like crazy people trying to take care of all the things that we deem necessary in order to make the summer season a success.

Coming from such a musical inclined family I usually try and find musical related items on all of the gift giving holidays that never stop arriving.

These days I am not going to use any of my credit cards. Last year at Christmas time I almost made it by only using cash, but three days before the “big” day I had to use my VISA for just a few things that I couldn’t manage to live without. I hope that I can truly make it this year.

great amp deals

Fender RUMBLE 200 1×15 200W Bass Combo Amp


Picking Up The Guitar

Before my boyfriend and I made it official we were the best of friends for about ten years, and in that ten years he learned how to play the guitar. He was a little shaky at first, but most people are when they pick something up to play for the first time, but he learned how to play very well within just a years worth of time.

Ever since he learned how to play, he has steadily practiced every day to be better then he was before. Recently within the last two months his guitar he had since he picked up a guitar, broke during our move into our new home. At the time we were a bit behind financially, but luckily I jumped on my laptop one evening and searched around on the net for a new guitar for him as well as a new and improved 1000 watt amp.

I remembered him talking to a friend of ours a few nights before about an Ibanez guitar specifically he wanted. I found one that I thought he might like, and it took no time at all for me to find one I thought would fit him. I ordered it that night, and when it had arrived at our home, I tucked it away until he had gotten home from work. When he got settled in I handed him the package and he was so surprised since there was no holiday or birthday coming up. He opened it and saw his new Ibanez electric guitar, and immediately got it tuned up so he could play. I am so happy I could make him smile so big and give the gift of playing more beautiful music.

Brian Baggett the Video Presenter for Musicians Friend Private Reserve

The term “private reserve” sounds so uppity, but in all reality anyone can purchase a musicians friend private reserve if you know what you want/need and you have the means to  pay for what most discriminating players and collectors are interested in.

I have been doing business with Musician’s Friend for some time now. Their website is way up high on my “Favorites” list and I don’t see it coming down any time soon. With Christmas shopping in full swing considering it is finally after Labor Day. The musical side of the family is always looking for new musical related items. Musician’s Friend has helped me figure out the perfect gift time and time again over the years.


Brian Baggett is the Video Presenter for Musician’s Friend Private Reserve Guitar

A Birthday Visit

My younger brother had moved to Chicago a few years back and I hadn’t seen him in so long that I saved up enough money for him to visit close to the date of his Birthday. He excitingly responded back saying he would love to, so I got to searching for a plane ticket for him to get here and back. I found tickets just in time for him to make it and spend a week with us right before his birthday.

Knowing it was his birthday, I wanted to find something that he not only wanted but needed, so I could get him a birthday present and watch him open it this time. I spoke to our mom later on that evening to see if she had talked to my kid brother lately to see if there was anything in particular she knew he needed or wanted. She had mentioned something about an irig for android guitar interface I could get for him at a great price on a website she knew of, for his guitar. I agree that a hundred dollars is a great price for this particular item, but dang I have dished out so much already for his plane tickets that I really didn’t want to spend that much at this point.

She was going to get it for him, but she said she figured I could get it since she already had two things for him for his birthday anyway. So I jumped on my laptop and got to searching this website she told me about and quickly found what she was talking about with such ease. Yes it was easy to find and order and it was a great price. He better be thrilled with it or else I’m going to get an attitude real quick like.

It showed up at my doorstep in no time and I quickly wrapped it up to give to my younger brother a few days before he returned home. Needless to say my brother was ecstatic to have time with his family and to also get some things he really wanted or needed.

musician's friend to the rescue

IK Multimedia iRig UA Universal Guitar Interface for Android


Stupid Deal of The Day At Musician’s Friend

Lesson learned; check daily the websites that you are interested in purchasing a product and/or a service online. It is amazing how the prices can fluctuate day by day. Seeing what the “Stupid Deal of the Day” is that Musician’s Friend posts on their website is always a thrill to me. You never know what they are going to throw out at you. They don’t always wait for a holiday to give their online shoppers a good deal, although we certainly have enough holidays to keep all retail stores busy switching out their price tags on certain merchandise that they need to have moved in order to bring in the newest merchandise.

You can even sign up for smokin’ deals, new & hot gear, plus exclusive offers to be sent to your email, which is a nice feature that I have taken advantage of for some time now. Like today they have a Bugera BC30-212 30W 2×12 Hybrid Guitar Combo Amp at 54% off. That’s a chunk of change to be saved right there.

cream colored combo amp

Bugera BC30-212 30W 2×12 Hybrid Guitar Combo Amp Cream