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Executive Fantasy Hotels Miami Florida Style

The love of my life has been spending a good amount of time planning something very special for the up and coming Valentine’s Day for us to enjoy, but has been trying so hard to keep it a secret. He knows that it is driving me crazy not knowing what he is up to and that it is very difficult to pull off a surprise with me, which makes him try even harder to keep his lips sealed.

I think that I have figured part of it out, though I won’t let him know what I discovered on his computer today while he was visiting his parents. Usually he takes his laptop with him wherever he goes, but today he walked out the door and left it behind. Now, people that really know me, know that I am not the type of person to snoop into somebody elses business. I respect people’s privacy and all that, but this big secret that he is hiding is just driving me crazy. So when he left and I noticed he didn’t take his laptop I figured it was the perfect opportunity to see just what has been up to and boy wasn’t I surprised to find the sites that he has been visiting and has bookmarked.

It looks like he has found and booked us a room at one of the Executive Fantasy Hotels Miami Florida, which I have never heard of up until now, but after what I saw online about it I can’t wait to see it and experience it myself! I just hope that this doesn’t come back and bite me in the butt. I could be totally off base with his intentions. I know that one should never assume, and lord knows I try not to. If you haven’t seen or heard of this unique fantasy hotel you really should check out their website.


So Not Cool Info Left Behind

A few weeks ago my daughter and I went to the mall to shop around for clothing since the end of summer was near and the beginning of her next school year was right around the corner. We had an awesome time, just us girls, shopping and looking at all the neat stores that had opened up in the mall.

On the way to one of my daughters favorite clothing stores, we passed a newly opened store that sold laptops and computers. I had been thinking about purchasing a new computer lately since my old laptop is a bit out of date, so I took a look around the store and found the perfect laptop that really struck my attention. Needless to say I bought it, and after our day at the mall, we went home and I immediately opened up my new laptop.

While I was checking out my new laptop I looked up at my old laptop that was sitting on my dresser, and thought to myself that I needed to sell it, instead of it just sitting there. I had a ton of sensitive and personal information on it, but had no idea how to clear it all permanently. So I searched around on the net on my new laptop and found the perfect and non costly way to clear it all of my personal information.

I searched for the keyword “reformat hard drive” and I am tickled that it is so easy to do just that without clearing my wallet. Its safe and extremely effective, and I would recommend anyone who wants to reformat their hard drive on their computer, to use what this company offers for an awesome price.