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Will Flying Cars Be The Trend?

As many people remember back in July of 2009, the flying car was in the news. The first test flight of the car was successful. Flying for thirty-seven seconds, the car has wings which take thirty seconds to extend and lock. With a wingspan of 27 feet, 6 inches, the car can leave the ground with 1,700 feet of runway. Another words, it could take off and land on most any American highway.

If this car becomes a practical reality, what will be the implications? I can certainly hear the voice of my daughter telling me that she has to have the newest model of this winged wonder. With a starting price of $194,000, there goes the college fund!

One benefit is that salaries for Department of Motor Vehicles drivers test givers will certainly increase. One of the pitfalls is that everyone’s car insurance would probably triple! All in all, with the bad driving habits of many people on the road today, I not sure this is the best idea.

A Flying Car

The Flying Car



I am a firm believer in the benefits of recycling. I think it helps the environment and keeps our earth green. One thing that gets me upset at times is when I see people throw things in the trash when there is a recycling bin nearby. This happened to me the other day.

Last summer on a trip, I was at the beach when I saw a woman throw her empty plastic bottle in the trash. I couldn’t believe it as there was a recycle bin right next to the trash can. This kind of laziness is unacceptable to me. I mentioned to the lady what she had done and she apologized claiming that she wasn’t thinking. I hope she thinks about it in the future.

PLEASE RECYCLE – we only have one earth!

recycle for the world

Please Recycle


Asteroids Are Just One Concern

As I was watching the movie called Armageddon the other day, I realized that it might happen. The movie is about an asteroid that is headed on a collision course with earth, and our attempts to stop it. In true Hollywood style, the movie was dramatic.

I am concerned though, that it really could come true. It’s a great big sky and anything may happen. Although our astronomers do the best they can, there is no coordinated effort to find these potential threats. I hope our government can find a way to fund this effort and better protect us all! With all the cutbacks that have been targeting our military it does concern me that we are leaving ourselves (the U.S.A.) wide open for all kinds of catastrophes.

Scary times we are living in. I really hate the fact that so many are so worked up over worrying about the end of the world happening on any given day. There really isn’t anything that we can do about it, it is what it is, as they are so fond of saying these days.

In like a Lion

Today being the first day of March and Spring just around the corner, I was wondering if it would be nice weather or stormy weather. After all, they say that if March comes in like a Lion with bad weather, that it will go out like a lamb with nice weather.

The weather doesn’t really mean that much to me unless it is extreme, but I do admit that if I had a choice I would prefer good weather, like a typical Spring or Summer day. I guess that also depends upon your definition of good. To me, good weather is a sunny day with a slight breeze. If the temperatures range anywhere between 55 and 90, then I am a happy girl.

Wind farming

One of the things I like about our newly elected president is that he supports the wind power industry. I think it will be a great plus for our country. With new technology coming out all the time, our ability to turn wind into electricity grows. I believe that we should take full advantage of this clean, renewable power source.

While there is still a lot of argument over global warming and its causes, I think it’s better to be safe than sorry. Anything that will help reduce the need for oil will be good for the world as a whole. I think we should all support this new and growing industry!