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Will Flying Cars Be The Trend?

As many people remember back in July of 2009, the flying car was in the news. The first test flight of the car was successful. Flying for thirty-seven seconds, the car has wings which take thirty seconds to extend and lock. With a wingspan of 27 feet, 6 inches, the car can leave the ground with 1,700 feet of runway. Another words, it could take off and land on most any American highway.

If this car becomes a practical reality, what will be the implications? I can certainly hear the voice of my daughter telling me that she has to have the newest model of this winged wonder. With a starting price of $194,000, there goes the college fund!

One benefit is that salaries for Department of Motor Vehicles drivers test givers will certainly increase. One of the pitfalls is that everyone’s car insurance would probably triple! All in all, with the bad driving habits of many people on the road today, I not sure this is the best idea.

A Flying Car

The Flying Car


A Universal Joint In The Near Future

It’s getting so hard to make ends meet, considering the price of gas just keeps going up and down and then up again and I can’t exactly carpool for my job. I have to drive and I have to pay the cost of gas. When I had my car inspected back in January they told me that I was going to need a new universal joint in the near future. That was over three months ago and I don’t know how long the “near future” will take me.

So I’m thinking about taking on some extra work at night. I can do some drafting for a buddy of mine and make some pretty decent money. I can turn the extra bedroom into a drafting studio. Just need to pick up a drafting table and some cabinets. Found a great web site that sells good quality lab and drafting furniture. If they can deliver it to my house pretty quick I can get everything ready to start work and have some extra money coming in by the end of next month. Their website says they offer 5 day shipping and I like the variety of options they offer. So I guess moonlighting is the way to go if you want to get anywhere these days.

Maybe Just a Tad Bit Tainted

Does anyone else think that the annual North American International Auto Show is a little tainted this year with the boo-hoo of the Detroit 3 automakers saying they are broke? So when you are broke it’s supposed to be OK to party all week in Detroit and brag about how great everything is? OK – I know that they made these plans – and probably already paid for most of it – months ago. It’s an annual thing. Maybe it’s the perfect confidence booster. Maybe they’ll be announcing some fantastic new cars that everyone will rush out to buy as soon as they hit the street. Let’s hope.

The interesting news in the Chicago Tribune from the Auto Show this morning is that they announced the  “Car of the Year” is the Hyundai Genesis. This is the first time Hyundai has won an award in so many years it has been producing automobiles. The Genesis is Hyundai’s top of the line sedan and maybe it’s worth considering if you are in the market for a new traditional car this year. Personally, I want to hold out for a new hybrid or total electric car. I’m hearing good things about plug in the car at night and go about 40 miles each day without having to buy gas. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Struggling Homeowners

Homeowners are still really struggling these days, on my way home from work today I noticed just how many For Rent and For Sale signs that are popping up everywhere. Just on my street alone you can count on two hands the amount of these types of advertising methods that are dotting the neighborhood.  With so many empty houses and people cutting down on their electricity use, due to the sky rocketing prices of all types of energy, the street is very, very dark during the long winter night time hours. Thank goodness we have had several mild winters in a row, that has helped keep the heating bills a bit lower.

This whole thing is really starting to creep me out. I mean folks haven’t even putting up their usual amount of Christmas lights and other energy sucking decorations up for decorating the outside of their properties that we had been seeing over the last few decades, since the energy crises of the 1980’s. That was a really bad time, I really missed seeing all of the lights during those years and have been enjoying peoples decorating more and more as time passed, it looks like a rerun of a very bad movie.