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Bean Bag Chairs

Last month was a great month considering my bonus had came in from work, that has been long over due and had a big smile on my face while paying bills that desperately needed to be paid. After all my bills were all up to date I still had a big chunk of money left and I knew my nieces birthday was coming up, so I had my husband come with me to so some shopping for her birthday party that we were both planning on attending.

After going from store to store in town we found only one gift we both thought she would like, but I felt that it just wasn’t enough for such a  such a great kid as my niece. I made a quick phone call to my sister to see if she had any ideas on what my niece really wanted or needed, and found that she had been asking for a bean bag chair. My sister mentioned she hadn’t gotten one for her and told me that she wouldn’t get one I’d I was going to get her one, and so I told her my husband and I would love to get her one.

Shortly after that phone call I sat down at my computer in my office at home and searched around on the Internet to see if I could find one for a good deal. It didn’t take long at all for me to find one for a price I just couldn’t refuse. Needless to say I ordered not only one but two, so if she had a friend over then they could both hangout sitting on their cool bean bag chairs. It arrived shortly on my doorstep, and I wrapped them up and put them away until my nieces birthday party. When her big day came, she ripped open her gifts and she was ecstatic to have not only one bean bag chair but two! I’m so happy to give her something she wanted and to see such a big smile on her face on her special day and have all my bills paid and up to date.