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The French Parenting System

Was reading an interesting article today about how the French do things a little differently when it comes to parenting their children. A few of the points made hit home with me and I thought you may want to hear them.

One thing is that the French expect their babies to sleep through the night. They do not get up at the first sound from their loved one and go check to see if he/she is alright. They also do not give their kids snacks except for at four o’clock. This way the kids are hungry when dinner time comes. I thought these tips sounded good and I think that some people should put them into practice. What do you think?

baby crying

Different Strokes For Different Folks

Dog Eaters

While I am considerate of other people’s cultures, there are some that are disgusting to me. One thing I hate to hear about is people who eat dogs. This is an ancient Chinese tradition that I wish would go away. I was glad to discover that steps are being taken to make this dream come true.

The annual dog eating festival in China has been going on for more than 600 years. Local officials have decided to end the festival this year due to an increased level of dog owners who value the dogs as more than a meal. I am very glad that this disgusting event will end.

Two New Bloggers To Welcome Aboard

My good friend Cindy from work had me come over to her place today to show her and her daughter how to set up a blog, use and maintain a blog which took almost the whole day when it was all over and done with. I think that they thought it would be a short and easy process and were totally surprised when they found out all that it entails to get a blog up and running. I didn’t mind a bit, I enjoyed seeing her new house and meeting the rest of her family that I haven’t yet had the opportunity to through out the 3 years that we have worked with each other and became fast friends.

We shared a lot of stories, had a good amount of hard core belly laughs which is always good for the heart and the soul and she made a pot of home made spaghetti sauce while we were on the computer that came out really great and was worth the wait of smelling it cooking all day long while I was there. So all and all it was a good day. I have a feeling that I’ll be stopping by more and more as they continue on with their blogging adventures since I suck at helping people with their computer issues over the phone. I could never land as job as an IT as I would end up getting so frustrated with having to deal with computer problems being conveyed and expected to fix over the darned telephone. I have to be there, up front and center to be any good to anyone.

So if you are willing to check out the work of two bloggers and their two new blogs and let me know what you think I’d appreciate it. Cindy’s is www.selenajackson.com and her daughter’s is http://gailgillette.com.

Leather Accent Chairs

Being an animal lover does come with a price. It isn’t cheap to own and care for any domestic animal that so many people enjoy relationships with. Through out the years we have had all kinds of critters here in the house. They come, they go, so stay until they are healthy enough to make it on there own or until their time on this earth has ended, hence so many tiny grave  sights in the one back corner on the backyard.

Besides the food, the treats, and medical attention that all animals require, dogs are real good at ruining household furniture and/or the carpet or the bare floors. Now that we no longer have any dogs and I have made it clear that no more dogs will be allowed in the house anymore I am excited about getting some decent furniture in the front room. The old furniture is torn up and stained beyond belief. I refuse to allow anyone to go into that room when they come over for a visit. It will be nice to have that room back and be rid of the old nasty stuff.
I have been eyeballing some very nice Leather Accent Chairs with Arms at ClubFurniture.com that are really peeking my interest. If I can find a couch or at least a loveseat to go along with it I think I just might have to run with it. I have always enjoyed accent chairs, they are always a nice addition to a room and provides extra seating as well. I love the swivel aspect of this one.

ready to ship right to my house

360 Degrees Swivel Leather Tub Chair

New Beginnings

April is always a month of new beginnings for me. It is usually the month that includes Easter and also Spring Break. It means the first day of Spring – officially. It used to mean the start of Daylight Savings Time, but now we do that in March.

It is always the month that we discover how pale skinned we are – so we go to the tanning salon to get a base tan. We discover how fat we became over the winter – so we start a serious new diet before buying our new bathing suits for the summer. It’s a lot of beginnings and I love the month of April.