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My Thoughts on Wireless Fences For Dogs

With the amount of pit bulls that are continuing to become so popular in our neighborhood, I am really concerned with the safety of the people that are outside enjoying the nice weather and getting all the things done that are necessary to do outside at this time of the year. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to call our local police department to inform them that there is a pit bull loose in the neighborhood, which is against the law as well as morally wrong, in my opinion.

A few neighbors have turned to purchasing and installing the wireless fences for dogs, which is all well and good to a certain extent. Unfortunately many people aren’t aware of this invisible fencing and are still intimidated with seeing a dog (usually a pit bull) alone and unattended to in their yard, not even knowing or realizing that there has been a wireless fence installed. I really wish that they would make signs stating that this property is using a wireless fence and that people would purchase them and install them in the sights of people that are passing by. This would make a lot more people feel safe and secure knowing that these dogs are going to come running after them.