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Boots for Mud and Puddles


Most of the boots I have are not for wearing in the rain and walking through mud. But I saw these Ralph Lauren boots and had to have them. These are classy and practical and with all this rain we’ve been having lately, I need them.

These boots are going to be great for the next several weeks during the Spring rains, and then I’m sure I will get more use out of them once in a while when we have the Summer evening thunderstorms and Autumn rains, too.

This Year I’ll Try Personalized Boxer Briefs

Since my father is totally impossible to buy any type of gift for. This Father’s Day I am going to buy him a set of personalized boxer briefs. I know he wears underwear so I know that he will make use of this year’s Father’s Day gift. He has so many pairs of slippers and more neck ties than any one man could ever possibly wear. It is always a struggle to find something that he will like and actually use. I hope this year I nail it!