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Wolf Moon

Tonight marks the first full moon of the year 2017. Because it is the first full moon, it is also known as the wolf moon. This name dates back to American Indian culture and their belief that wolfs howl at moon because they are hungry. There is also an added bonus that comes with tonight’s bright moon.

When the moons orbit is closest to us, it is called perigee. When perigee and a full moon coincide, as they will tonight, the result is a brighter, bigger moon. This means that some features of the moons surface will be very visible. I hope that everyone will be able to take a few minutes to walk outside and check out this rare and awesome sight!

First Full Moon In January

Wolf Moon

Power Down

I was reading an article about how much power is wasted by leaving your computer on overnight. The total amount is staggering. Each year, up to $2.8 billion dollars are spent to power unused computers in the USA. That is estimated to be the equivalent of 4 million cars on the road.

I think Americans are still just getting started looking into the amount of energy we use. Not only do we leave on computers, I see porch lights on in the day time. We need to become more aware of how we use the energy we have. If we all do a little, we could do a lot!


I am a firm believer in the benefits of recycling. I think it helps the environment and keeps our earth green. One thing that gets me upset at times is when I see people throw things in the trash when there is a recycling bin nearby. This happened to me the other day.

Last summer on a trip, I was at the beach when I saw a woman throw her empty plastic bottle in the trash. I couldn’t believe it as there was a recycle bin right next to the trash can. This kind of laziness is unacceptable to me. I mentioned to the lady what she had done and she apologized claiming that she wasn’t thinking. I hope she thinks about it in the future.

PLEASE RECYCLE – we only have one earth!

recycle for the world

Please Recycle


Wall Fountains At Soothingwalls

If you can’t find the perfect wall fountains at Soothingwalls than you are just hard put to please. This wonderful Swan Lake Wall Fountain, would be so awesome in my living room. Maybe if I get the full amount that I am expecting back from Uncle Sam in a few weeks, I can seriously considering purchasing this large natural indoor wall fountain. But after last year’s hassle with the IRS I’m not going to count my chickens before they hatch and get stuck in a jam again.

wall fountain

swan lake wall fountain

That Time Of Year

This has always been one of the best times of the year for me. When the weather starts changing from hot to cold is when I like it best. I love to see the leaves turning colors and then falling to the ground. The only thing I don’t like is raking them up.

Anyway, I am changing my wardrobe from hot weather clothes to the cool weather ones. I see that I may need to visit the local shopping mall and make some new purchases. That is all part of the fun of fall!!

raking the fall leaves

Leaves, leaves and more leaves