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Don’t Forget To Give

One thing I have been doing lately is some winter cleaning in anticipation of Spring. Since I went through just about every room in the house, I came up with a few items I no longer need. It hit me just then that I should give them to worthy organization.

The good thing is that I don’t have to go anywhere. There is one organization that will pick up my used items from my home. I feel good knowing I am helping others in need as well as getting my house a little cleaner.

Our Many Bridges That Need Repair

From time to time in America, you hear about some bridge or another that has fallen down. While it doesn’t happen that often, it does happen often with tragic results. Our bridges and roads are in bad shape in some areas and they need to be fixed. I hope our congress will support this effort by passing a new bill that will allot at least $60 billion dollars toward this effort.

broken bridge

Just One of Many Old Broken Bridges


Coral Damage

The effects of the giant BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has had on the environment is still unknown. A recent exploration by scientists has found that many deep sea corals have been damaged by the oil. The corals are dying and the cause seems to be a brown film that has covered the coral reefs.

The discovery has scientists concerned because the reefs are such an important part of the ecosystem. The reefs provide a base for life because fish and other animals depend on them for food and shelter. The concern is that the reefs could take years to grow back or that they may not grow back at all. I hope they do…

Happy Earth Day

I would like to remind everybody that doesn’t know that today is Earth Day. We should all take a few minutes and reflect on how we can help keep our earth clean. There are many different things we can do.

There are many earth friendly products at your local stores and there are new ones coming out every day. I like feeling like I am doing a little to help by using these products. I hope you will too.

mother earth deserves it

Earth Day 2015

Bottle or Tap

I came across an interesting article today that described some of the differences of bottled water versus tap water. I had always thought that bottled water would be cleaner and safer than tap. Little did I know that is not always the case? It turns out that tap water is regulated much more thoroughly than bottled.

The EPA has strict guidelines for tap water and almost no guidelines for bottled. I would hope that everyone would check out the safety of their water by contacting one of the many agencies that give information about your water. Safety should always be a first consideration.