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To garden or not to garden…?

Okay so it’s already April and I haven’t started any seedlings or anything at all yet. I am not really sure I have the time to do a large garden this year, but I know I will really miss it if I don’t. Fortunately, we live far enough south that getting a late start will not hurt anything. Between boating and work and everything else I will be hard pressed to keep up with it all. The food from the garden comes in handy for sure, because all the excess I can or freeze. Yes, I share some with friends and family, but it is really for sustainability, so I keep most of it.

I also was supposed to start a chicken coop and raise some chickens this year. Building a coop is relatively easy and chickens are easy to raise. The eggs from my own chickens well definitely come in handy with a family. I feel like I am dropping the ball a little bit because I want to do other “fun” things this year, rather than concentrate on making our life more sustainable. I guess I will give it a few more days and then I will probably go ahead and start the garden. Food for the family is important and it doesn’t cost much to get seeds and throw some water on them every day.