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Brian Baggett the Video Presenter for Musicians Friend Private Reserve

The term “private reserve” sounds so uppity, but in all reality anyone can purchase a musicians friend private reserve if you know what you want/need and you have the means to  pay for what most discriminating players and collectors are interested in.

I have been doing business with Musician’s Friend for some time now. Their website is way up high on my “Favorites” list and I don’t see it coming down any time soon. With Christmas shopping in full swing considering it is finally after Labor Day. The musical side of the family is always looking for new musical related items. Musician’s Friend has helped me figure out the perfect gift time and time again over the years.


Brian Baggett is the Video Presenter for Musician’s Friend Private Reserve Guitar

Our Many Bridges That Need Repair

From time to time in America, you hear about some bridge or another that has fallen down. While it doesn’t happen that often, it does happen often with tragic results. Our bridges and roads are in bad shape in some areas and they need to be fixed. I hope our congress will support this effort by passing a new bill that will allot at least $60 billion dollars toward this effort.

broken bridge

Just One of Many Old Broken Bridges


So Not Cool Info Left Behind

A few weeks ago my daughter and I went to the mall to shop around for clothing since the end of summer was near and the beginning of her next school year was right around the corner. We had an awesome time, just us girls, shopping and looking at all the neat stores that had opened up in the mall.

On the way to one of my daughters favorite clothing stores, we passed a newly opened store that sold laptops and computers. I had been thinking about purchasing a new computer lately since my old laptop is a bit out of date, so I took a look around the store and found the perfect laptop that really struck my attention. Needless to say I bought it, and after our day at the mall, we went home and I immediately opened up my new laptop.

While I was checking out my new laptop I looked up at my old laptop that was sitting on my dresser, and thought to myself that I needed to sell it, instead of it just sitting there. I had a ton of sensitive and personal information on it, but had no idea how to clear it all permanently. So I searched around on the net on my new laptop and found the perfect and non costly way to clear it all of my personal information.

I searched for the keyword “reformat hard drive” and I am tickled that it is so easy to do just that without clearing my wallet. Its safe and extremely effective, and I would recommend anyone who wants to reformat their hard drive on their computer, to use what this company offers for an awesome price.

Graduation Night

My oldest daughter has been attending college for nearly four years. She will be graduating at the end of summer. She has worked long and hard at school and has done very well. We are very proud of her and wanted to get her something special. We looked into a number of gift options and had a lot of trouble finding just the right thing. That’s when we came up with the idea of a watch.

As I was surfing the net one night, I stumbled across a site that was called bluedial dot com. After looking through the wide variety of Bulova Watches they had, I decided that I would get my daughter a watch. I talked it over with hubby and he liked the idea as well. We had quite a time deciding on the exact watch to get, but were happy with our choice in the end.

One thing everybody knows about our daughter is that she loves diamonds. I was surprised to learn to there are watches with diamonds in them. Well, I can almost guarantee that she will love this watch with all the diamonds it has in it! We plan to give her the gift on the night of her graduation and will be glad to see her start a new career.

Saving Pennies

Do you stop and pick up a penny when you see one on the ground? I do and am not too proud to admit it. I was taught as a young child to value every penny and I still do that today.

Every once in a while I read that the Government is complaining that it costs more to make a penny than 1 cent in production expense. They want to discontinue making pennies altogether. I am so against that idea. I don’t want everything to cost a multiple of 5.

If there are no pennies then we either pay with nickels or dimes, and of course that will mean that we end up paying more, because everyone will round up the prices. Nobody but WalMart ever rolls back prices willingly.

stacks of pennies

Pennies From Heaven