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Online Dating Options For Mom

I had been telling my mother about online dating for months, but for some reason she was very reluctant to give it a try. For some reason, she was under the impression that you have to be knowledgeable about computers. Finally, after much persuasion on my part, she was ready to give it a try. There are so many sites it was very difficult for her to choose just one. The one that seemed the most appealing to her was a 50 plus dating club.

We began searching on the site and were surprised at how many great people there were in our local area looking for companionship. The search alone changed my mother’s outlook on online dating and dating in general. She found the site very easy to use, even for someone that may not be too computer savvy. They allow you to post a picture of yourself and make a profile explaining you and your interests. She was looking through others profiles in no time.

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Mature Love

Dating Does Not End At 50

After several years of living the single life, my mother has recently been showing interest in dating. It has been many years since she has been on a date and she was feeling very apprehensive. The simple idea of being out there and having to play that game is very intimidating and not something she was looking forward to. So many things have changed and she wasn’t quite sure where to start.

After researching different avenues, her first choice was to try out a singles mingle that was being hosted by a local women’s club in our area. These types of events are great for locals that want to get to know each other and perhaps even make a connection. While they are a great way to meet people, they can also be a hit or miss. These events can sometimes be more like a meat market than a mature meet and greet. They often have more of a club appeal to them than a mature get together.

When our local areas single meeting didn’t get my mother any closer to a companion, she decided to let a friend of hers set her up. I know many people that have been set up by friends, I included and unfortunately, it doesn’t always end well. It can be a very awkward situation, to say the least. It also has the potential to ruin a friendship, if the meeting goes sour. Fortunately, the gentleman my mother’s friend set her up with was a great guy. However, he wasn’t the guy for my mother.

Jack Sprat

Remember the nursery rhyme about Jack Sprat, could eat no fat? The point of that nursery rhyme is that you put a skinny guy together with a big woman, and together they make a good team. It’s a poor European’s version of Ying and Yang. There’s more truth to that than you know. A lot of thin guys prefer bigger women for dating and household partners. In the Internet world, the bigger women have their own identity – BBW. Our IT guy was telling me about the BBW Chat Room where he likes to talk with women and has even arranged a couple of dates from the internet personals on the BBW site. It’s free and you get to know the women for what’s in their heads and hearts before you meet them.

I’ve checked out a few chat sites, got into a couple here and there, but then most of the people I chatted with just up and disappeared so I would get bored and stop logging in. I’ve even signed up with a few online dating sites, but I just didn’t feel comfortable and so even those didn’t last long. Guess I’m just getting fickle the older I get.