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Wrapping presents

One thing that I don’t mind doing is wrapping presents. Some people don’t like to do it, but I don’t mind at all. It’s no problem for me to get out all the paper and tape and go to town. I have a system that really works and I can wrap a lot of presents in a very short time. I even like to put ribbons on mine to add that extra touch.

This year I found some paper at the mall that I really liked. I bought enough to wrap all my presents and am very satisfied with it. It brings me great joy to wrap the boxes knowing that someone will be happy with the gift found inside. The gifts look great under the tree and are awaiting Christmas day!

Christmas Wrapping

Pretty Christmas Wrapping and Ribbons

Crafting and Creativity

Some of my friends are so artistic and talented that I am amazed at what they can create. I have never been good at most crafts. I barely passed art class in high school, and I took that class because I thought it would be an easy A. But it turns out that I cannot draw or paint much of anything and my art class teacher barely tolerated my lack of artistic talent.

I wish I could make some of the fun crafts that my girlfriend does. She can knit, crochet, decoupage, quilt, paint, and even decorate cakes like a professional.

About the only thing I am good at painting is my nails and my face. LOL

School Pictures

I was going through some of my “Junk Drawers” in my bedroom and found a bunch of old photos that I haven’t looked at in some time. A good amount of them were all of my school pictures, along with many of my brothers and sisters as well, that I never got around to putting into any type of photo album or scrapbook.

What a trip down Memory Lane, that turned out to be. Now is as a good of time as any to start putting them in order so that I can get my creative juices running and organize them into a nicely laid out scrapbook. That would be a good winter time project. I have a couple of friends that are totally into scrap-booking and I really love what they are putting together now a days, maybe I can bring some of my old photos over and see what they suggest to do with them to make them a better keep sake than what I could manage to throw together. I attended a “scrap-booking party well over ten years ago and I was embarrassed by what I took home with me, compared to all the other ladies that managed to produce some pretty cool looking pages. But I did try.

Pretty Eggs

Although I have little artistic and crafting ability, I do know a well crafted item when I see one. I saw this photo of lace eggs and am amazed that anyone could make these.

With it being Easter tomorrow, I have eggs on my mind. I am going to buy an extra dozen eggs tonight at the grocery store and find some way to decorate them tonight for Easter. I don’t have to do it but I want to.

Happy Easter, everyone!