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Christmas Cheer

This holiday season hasn’t seemed much like christmas. Everyone I know is tight on money and worried about keeping a roof over their heads. Buying a lot of Christmas presents just isn’t the smartest thing to do these days. But then again, families need to do something for their kids. So in my family we gave amnesty to all the adults and said that we would just focus on the kids under 19 years old. That seems fair – Christmas is for kids, anyways.

So us adults are celebrating in a different way. We are doing nice things for each other and making a point of being cheerful and happy over the holidays.

I hope you enjoy your own Christmas and that Santa finds his way to your house OK.

The Outing

Our company recently sent many of us on an outing. It seems that a lot of our top employees were sent on a scouting trip to one of our offices in a whole different country. We looked into the situation and decided that bus rentals in New Jersey were the best option to get us to the airport. As we knew it would be a long trip, we decided to offer a first class method of travel. Instead of everyone trying to fend for themselves to find transportation to our destination, we thought it would be better to stay as a group.

Since our business relies on our employees, we knew that it was imperative to keep everyone fresh. There is no gain in sending a bunch of people out to a meeting if they are all dead tired. This way, we could all enjoy the best method of arriving at our meeting. We did some research and found a site called indonesia.travel/en. They were able to render the services we desired for the much anticipated trip to seminyak.

The best part of the whole deal was the reliability that we felt we had gained. It was important that we arrive on time and we thought this company could provide that. Of course, there were other benefits as well. The whole trip was amazing. The seats were comfortable. We arrived on time and were all relaxed and ready to enjoy our meeting. I guess we all owe a debt of gratitude to this fine company.

Coming Along Nicely

There was an email in my email inbox confirming that order for the Agogo Bells was indeed processed and ready to head out my way this morning. I am not the most patient person in the world so I do appreciate all that the Internet brings to us almost instantly. I can’t image ordering anything that I couldn’t check up and/or track online. We are the generation of instant gratification indeed!

I’ll feel a lot better once it is here and I know that it has arrived in time for the party next week! There are going to be a good amount of friends and family there that I haven’t seen since last Christmas. I sure hope everyone is on their best behavior and that no drama starts up between anyone, but that hasn’t always been the case these past couple of years. But that is a whole other can of worms that I don’t want to open up right now.

The Flip-Top Promotion Pens In Bulk

It was a pleasant surprise to see so many options and price ranges while sis and I took the time to check out these bulk cheap pens at PenFactory.com. We really need to start marketing our newly formed small home-based business and one sure way is to have plenty of free handouts and a good pen is always appreciated. On the other hand a crappy pen is just a nuisance, so I want to make sure that we spend our money on a pen that people will like enough to hold onto and actually use.

I had never heard of The Flip-Top Promotional Metal Pen but I think that they are a great choice and goes for a reasonable price, considering we are buying in bulk. These pens are unique, which is something that we were looking for and amazingly enough we both seem to agree that they are going to be a new addition to our ever growing box of “marketing freebies” that are so necessary in today’s high tech and highly competitive sales market that we find ourselves in.

unique pens to give away

The Flip-Top Promotional Metal Pen


One thing about our office is that we constantly have people taking business trips. We have clients all over the U.S. and around the world as well. The problem is that many times it becomes difficult to decide which expenses are necessary and which expenses are personal. That’s why we decided to use calling cards as a way to separate the two. This idea has paid off in savings to our company.

All we do is give each person a prepaid card with a given amount on it. Our representative then uses the card until it is used up. Then we decide whether or not to issue a new card. The idea is simple but effective. For example, I recently issued a Mexican calling card to a salesman. After using the card, we decided to issue him another so that he could finish his business.

I really like using the cards as they are easy to get and provide low rates. They also prevent us from being overcharged by foreign phone companies that may be difficult to deal with. All in all, the whole thing has worked out nicely. I think every business should look into these cards as an option.