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Euphonium Mutes

It’s too bad that the Euphonium Mutes that I found online for my niece weren’t the ones that she was interested in. So what I have decided to do is send her a Visa gift card for her birthday and let her find the euphonium mute that she wants and needs. I tried, but it’s hard to pick out something that you don’t know much about for someone that you don’t know much about either. I haven’t seen my niece in over 11 years. The first couple years of her life we spent a lot of time together. But when her folks moved to Oregon that was the end of that close relationship.

Thank goodness for the Internet. We do chat on Facebook every now and then but it just isn’t the same, but it is what it is and I’m grateful for what we manage to do.

The Personal Touch

When I learned that one of my favorite office girls was having a birthday soon, I knew I had to get her something special. I had pretty much decided to get her a gift card, but I thought that it may not send the message I wanted it to. She has done a fantastic job lately and I wanted her to know it. That’s when I heard about having the option to personalize the card.

I grabbed the picture of her cat from her computer and had it put on this really funny birthday card. I also added a generous amount of money to her favorite restaurant. When I was done, I gave her the card. She was delighted to find her cat’s picture there. We all laughed for a few minutes and then thanked me excitedly. I’m glad I got the chance to express how I felt and believe I’ll use this option more often.

birthday cat card

Cat Birthday Card

Choosing a Girls Name

My sister is going to have a baby girl soon and we just found out that it is a girl. I love the way they can do all these tests and tell you things about a baby while you are pregnant.

She is looking for a girl’s name that will be classy and different from all the other old school names that are the fashionable naming convention lately. I told her she should choose a family name, so it means something more than “I just liked the name.” Which is what my mother told me about how she chose Sandra.

Personally, I like the name of my mother’s mother, Selena. I think it is elegant and mysterious. If I was going to have a baby girl – and that’s not very likely any time soon! – I would name her Selena.

girl baby

Sweet Baby Girl


Best Cigar Deals Online

Stumbled onto a pretty cool cigar website this morning that have the best cigar deals around, while looking for particular pipe to give to my grandfather for his up and coming birthday. I wish that he still smoked cigars, but he switched to a pipe over 7 years ago. I like the smell of both a pipe and a cigar as long as it is in a decently ventilated area that I’m smelling it.

Years ago when I was a kid I took a trip to N.C. with a school friend to visit some of her relatives. It was a 6 hour long drive that we both had to endear her father and uncle smoking big fat cigars with the windows rolled all the way up. I was so sick by the time we got there and was so happy that they didn’t pull the same stunt on the way back home.

famous cigar monster smoke shop

Cigar Monster


September and October are extremely popular months for birthdays in my family, so we have a lot of Virgos that celebrate their birth anniversary just a few short months before the Christmas season. Not that I am into astrology but some times it can be fun to read what they say about these various signs. Today is my sister’s birthday and believe me she definitely fits the typical Virgo profile.