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Picking Up The Guitar

Before my boyfriend and I made it official we were the best of friends for about ten years, and in that ten years he learned how to play the guitar. He was a little shaky at first, but most people are when they pick something up to play for the first time, but he learned how to play very well within just a years worth of time.

Ever since he learned how to play, he has steadily practiced every day to be better then he was before. Recently within the last two months his guitar he had since he picked up a guitar, broke during our move into our new home. At the time we were a bit behind financially, but luckily I jumped on my laptop one evening and searched around on the net for a new guitar for him as well as a new and improved 1000 watt amp.

I remembered him talking to a friend of ours a few nights before about an Ibanez guitar specifically he wanted. I found one that I thought he might like, and it took no time at all for me to find one I thought would fit him. I ordered it that night, and when it had arrived at our home, I tucked it away until he had gotten home from work. When he got settled in I handed him the package and he was so surprised since there was no holiday or birthday coming up. He opened it and saw his new Ibanez electric guitar, and immediately got it tuned up so he could play. I am so happy I could make him smile so big and give the gift of playing more beautiful music.