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That Time Of Year

This has always been one of the best times of the year for me. When the weather starts changing from hot to cold is when I like it best. I love to see the leaves turning colors and then falling to the ground. The only thing I don’t like is raking them up.

Anyway, I am changing my wardrobe from hot weather clothes to the cool weather ones. I see that I may need to visit the local shopping mall and make some new purchases. That is all part of the fun of fall!!

raking the fall leaves

Leaves, leaves and more leaves

Asteroids Are Just One Concern

As I was watching the movie called Armageddon the other day, I realized that it might happen. The movie is about an asteroid that is headed on a collision course with earth, and our attempts to stop it. In true Hollywood style, the movie was dramatic.

I am concerned though, that it really could come true. It’s a great big sky and anything may happen. Although our astronomers do the best they can, there is no coordinated effort to find these potential threats. I hope our government can find a way to fund this effort and better protect us all! With all the cutbacks that have been targeting our military it does concern me that we are leaving ourselves (the U.S.A.) wide open for all kinds of catastrophes.

Scary times we are living in. I really hate the fact that so many are so worked up over worrying about the end of the world happening on any given day. There really isn’t anything that we can do about it, it is what it is, as they are so fond of saying these days.

A view from the street

Since we have started working on fixing up the house, we have noticed a new problem. While the inside has shaped up nicely, the outside has suffered from neglect. My husband and I noticed that the house really looks awful from the street. We decided to do something about it. We looked around online and found a neat site of Larson Shutters that has a wide variety of shutters to choose from.

We were so happy when they were delivered and installed. Now the house really looks a lot nicer. The street view is a lot more pleasant and even some of the neighbors commented on it. I am glad we decided to upgrade our house as it has paid off. Now, all I have to do is mow the lawn!

My Cat Is Funny

We have three cats in our house. Today I would like to speak about one of them. His name is tiger and he likes to go outside a lot. The problem is that it has been raining and he hates the rain. Nevertheless, he meowed at the door and so I let him out. When he discovered it was raining, he wanted back in.

I guess my cat thinks he is smart and so he decided to try the back door. He meowed at the back door until I let him out again. He quickly discovered that it was raining outback as well. Now he has given up and is under the couch. He is one funny cat!

Happy Earth Day

I would like to remind everybody that doesn’t know that today is Earth Day. We should all take a few minutes and reflect on how we can help keep our earth clean. There are many different things we can do.

There are many earth friendly products at your local stores and there are new ones coming out every day. I like feeling like I am doing a little to help by using these products. I hope you will too.

mother earth deserves it

Earth Day 2015