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Spring is coming – and that means a new boat!

I am so happy that spring is almost here, because that means boating season is right around the corner and this year we are getting a new boat! Our old one just died a horrible death a few years ago, and we are finally going to replace her with a newer model. I absolutely love the great outdoors and going out on the lake is so much fun. There are many places to camp if you want to camp out for the weekend and enjoy nature at it’s best. Our summer weekends mean getting away from it all and having fun on the water.

We are trying to decide whether to get a pontoon boat this time or another smaller boat. I am all for the pontoon as it is easier to camp off of. It holds more gear and comes with a BBQ grill and everything. As well as electrical outlet plugs and a radio with a CD player.

My honey wants the cheaper smaller boat as it is easier to get into and out of the water. No can do! We are going to get something really nice this time around and I want to be able to really relax and have fun. I bet I get my way on this one!

Wolf Moon

Tonight marks the first full moon of the year 2017. Because it is the first full moon, it is also known as the wolf moon. This name dates back to American Indian culture and their belief that wolfs howl at moon because they are hungry. There is also an added bonus that comes with tonight’s bright moon.

When the moons orbit is closest to us, it is called perigee. When perigee and a full moon coincide, as they will tonight, the result is a brighter, bigger moon. This means that some features of the moons surface will be very visible. I hope that everyone will be able to take a few minutes to walk outside and check out this rare and awesome sight!

First Full Moon In January

Wolf Moon

Girl Loves To Fish…

I’m that one in a million girls that loves to fish. I like everything about it. I can do everything from untying the boat and “Shoving off” to heading out to open water. We did a lot of fishing when we were young. My dad taught the whole family, the  boys and the girls. Acting all girly girl didn’t cut the mustard with my Dad, he had all three of us girls baiting our own hooks and teaching us how to take the fish off the hook after you have reeled it in. That was the hardest part for me and still is. I feel bad for the fish, no way do I want it to suffer and cause it unnecessary pain at all. I’m not all that crazy about cleaning
the fish either. I am always so afraid that I am going to miss a bone and someone will end up choking on it and dying because of something that I didn’t do right. That would be just god awful!

I was looking in my tackle box, what a mess! I need to sort it out and give it a good cleaning. I still have plenty of line and tackle, but I may need to upgrade some of my lures. Well, I guess I’ll go get that done. If the weather continues to be so nice, I’ll be down at the shore!

fishing girl

Girl Gone Fishing


Don’t Forget To Give

One thing I have been doing lately is some winter cleaning in anticipation of Spring. Since I went through just about every room in the house, I came up with a few items I no longer need. It hit me just then that I should give them to worthy organization.

The good thing is that I don’t have to go anywhere. There is one organization that will pick up my used items from my home. I feel good knowing I am helping others in need as well as getting my house a little cleaner.

Cell Phone Photos

My cell phone has a built in camera but I have no idea how to use it. I tried to figure it out this morning, as I wanted to take a snapshot of a big tree that had fallen on my neighbor’s house. It was a huge tree and it fell across the corner of her roof before crashing onto her driveway. Thank goodness her car was parked in the garage and no one was outside to get hurt.

Anyway, I wanted to get a quick picture of it and I could not get the phone to display anything that said camera or photo. I guess I’ll ask Kenny about it when I see him later. I wish that I had a regular camera that I could rely on to take at least a half way decent photo.

camera for a gift

A New Camera For Christmas