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The Outing

Our company recently sent many of us on an outing. It seems that a lot of our top employees were sent on a scouting trip to one of our offices in a whole different country. We looked into the situation and decided that bus rentals in New Jersey were the best option to get us to the airport. As we knew it would be a long trip, we decided to offer a first class method of travel. Instead of everyone trying to fend for themselves to find transportation to our destination, we thought it would be better to stay as a group.

Since our business relies on our employees, we knew that it was imperative to keep everyone fresh. There is no gain in sending a bunch of people out to a meeting if they are all dead tired. This way, we could all enjoy the best method of arriving at our meeting. We did some research and found a site called They were able to render the services we desired for the much anticipated trip to seminyak.

The best part of the whole deal was the reliability that we felt we had gained. It was important that we arrive on time and we thought this company could provide that. Of course, there were other benefits as well. The whole trip was amazing. The seats were comfortable. We arrived on time and were all relaxed and ready to enjoy our meeting. I guess we all owe a debt of gratitude to this fine company.

Seattle’s Best Decaf Coffee Used In Our Break Room

Drinking coffee is relatively new to me. I have always been a tea drinker. But I kept being handed different types of coffee drinks at work that people would buy for everyone and eventually I started getting used to the taste, since I just couldn’t throw it away and they kept insisting to at least give it a try. I still enjoy my hot cup of tea first thing in the morning and the one that I have right after dinner. But throughout the day I do enjoy a cup of coffee now and then and co-workers are still coming in with new coffee based drinks that are on sale or are some type of holiday special, which is fun!

The coffee that is always available in the break room is this best decaf coffee that I’ve tried so far. It is Seattle’s Best Blend Decaf Coffee that they order online.

I do try and drink as much decaf coffee and my tea as well, so it doesn’t make me too wired up and we all know that caffeine is not good for you in the long run. I don’t think caffeine affects me like it does so many other people. I really can live with or with out it.

I won the office pool!

It’s finally happened! I won the office pool for the monster truck tickets for the show next week. That’s right, four tickets to the show. I plan to treat my family to the event, but it seems I’ll have to buy one more ticket so we all can go. Anyway, playing the office pool has finally paid off. I’ve been playing for years with no results, so it’s nice to finally have something to show for it!

Emptying The Cache

Whatever happened to emptying the cache? I seem to remember a few years ago that using Internet Explorer and surfing the internet for hours each day, the system would get bogged down. Then along would come a self-proclaimed tekkie who would advise solemnly, “You need to empty your cache.” Then you would do into the tools tab on the browser – I think that’s where it was – and click on a few things and then the machine would magically cleanse itself, badda boom, badda bing, easy as pie. Am hoping I spelled that correctly, my spell check certainly didn’t like it but didn’t come up with any alternatives to use.

Well, I switched to Firefox over 3 years ago and I’ve never had that problem and I’ve never emptied the cache using Firefox. I don’t know if I’m supposed to be doing any maintenance or not. I guess I need to get online and investigate some of this. With things changing so quickly and the typical person, much like myself, has to do what they can when they can. Being able to use the Internet to learn things, just like this situation, is wonderful. I’ll let you know what my research comes up with – in the mean time any comments on this subject would be appreciated.


The Keys to Life!

It’s funny how over the years we manage to accumulate so many keys! We have a drawer in the kitchen that contains dozens of them. I was looking through them and don’t even know what many of them are for. I think I’ll have to make a point of marking them so we’ll know which is what!

My key ring is the same way. I still have the keys to my old house, even though I am sure they have changed the locks by now. I have car keys, house keys, and keys to the shed. I’ll have to find a way to eliminate some of these keys from my chain! I’ll be glad when I do!

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A Bunch Of Keys