Cell Phone Photos

My cell phone has a built in camera but I have no idea how to use it. I tried to figure it out this morning, as I wanted to take a snapshot of a big tree that had fallen on my neighbor’s house. It was a huge tree and it fell across the corner of her roof before crashing onto her driveway. Thank goodness her car was parked in the garage and no one was outside to get hurt.

Anyway, I wanted to get a quick picture of it and I could not get the phone to display anything that said camera or photo. I guess I’ll ask Kenny about it when I see him later. I wish that I had a regular camera that I could rely on to take at least a half way decent photo.

camera for a gift

A New Camera For Christmas

One thought on “Cell Phone Photos

  1. Cheryl Post author

    That’s so funny that you said that! I don’t know how to take photos with my phone, either. It drives me crazy!

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