Monthly Archives: March 2015

New Beginnings

April is always a month of new beginnings for me. It is usually the month that includes Easter and also Spring Break. It means the first day of Spring – officially. It used to mean the start of Daylight Savings Time, but now we do that in March.

It is always the month that we discover how pale skinned we are – so we go to the tanning salon to get a base tan. We discover how fat we became over the winter – so we start a serious new diet before buying our new bathing suits for the summer. It’s a lot of beginnings and I love the month of April.

In like a Lion

Today being the first day of March and Spring just around the corner, I was wondering if it would be nice weather or stormy weather. After all, they say that if March comes in like a Lion with bad weather, that it will go out like a lamb with nice weather.

The weather doesn’t really mean that much to me unless it is extreme, but I do admit that if I had a choice I would prefer good weather, like a typical Spring or Summer day. I guess that also depends upon your definition of good. To me, good weather is a sunny day with a slight breeze. If the temperatures range anywhere between 55 and 90, then I am a happy girl.

Smarter Than Rain?

Anyone who has ever owned a cat has been led to the door. My cat Jack will come over and meow, meow, meow until someone gets up and lets him out. Jack is very territorial and likes to check his turf on a nightly basis.

One thing Jack does not like is rain; it would take a lot of effort to put him out in it. Jack is a pretty smart cat and when he sees its raining out of the front door, he will try the back door next. It’s always funny to me that he thinks the back door will provide results more to his liking.

Which reminds me of a story that my father told me when I was little, how he was looking out the window of his living room, when he was little, and it was raining. Then he went to the back of the house and looked out a window in the rear of the house, and to his surprise it wasn’t raining out back.

I really don’t remember the reason or the moral of the story, I just remember him telling me that this happened and how surprised he was at his discovery. I’ve always wanted to witness such an event and have tried to no avail as of yet anyway.

In the mean time, back to the present time, poor jack, I guess it’s another long night looking out the window!

Gone To The Movies

It was interesting for me to learn that popcorn has been around for many more years than anyone previously knew. It turns out that ancient Peruvians were enjoying this delicious snack for as many as 6,000 years ago. I wonder if they invented butter as well!

Anyway, corn in any form is very important these days. It’s good to know that there are some things we can count on to keep humans alive and happy. Thank you corn.

The Library

I had some time to go down to our local library. I needed to take back some books and pick up some new ones. They have a very nice area where you can sit and read. I’ve always enjoyed going to the library. It’s a great place to get some peace and quiet. There is something about being around all those books as well.

The best part about our library is that it is very close to my house. I can stop on my way home and drop off the books I have and pick out some new ones to read. I usually like the scary books like Stephen King writes. I also like the ghost stories as well. Sometimes I take the kids with me. I think it’s good to expose them to literature at an early age. All in all, the library is one of my favorite places to go!