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Winter Doldrums

The winter doldrums can be fought with lots of parties. At least, that’s the logic we’re going with around here. People are itching for an excuse to get out of the house and be around people. So we have parties scheduled for one reason or another just about every weekend through the end of February, and then the weather gets nicer in March and we can get start heading outdoors again.

Of course the mother lode of parties will be the Super Bowl party in just a couple of weeks. That is an event unto itself and the competition for holding the biggest and best gets higher stakes each year. Personally, there might be a few of my friends hosting Super Bowl parties that I’d like to attend, but I’m going to the boss’s house for his party. At least the food and beverage will be top shelf and he has a 52 inch HD plasma screen to watch the game – and commercials.

I want to throw a dinner party the following weekend for about 10 people. The web site has some nice ideas for choosing a dinner party theme and then building the party around that, with invitations, decorations, menu items, etc. With all of their dinner party ideas it’s almost like dinner in a box, but you provide the food! It’s been years since the last dinner party I threw. It was an Italian theme to celebrate the final episode of the Sopranos. It was so much fun but it was a sad occasion. I miss the Sopranos and it broke my heart to see the show end, but it was a great night with lots of authentic Italian food. If I had known about the Celebrations web site back then, I might have kicked up the decorations a few notches. So I’ll cruise the site and find some new ideas for my party on the tenth.

Bottle or Tap

I came across an interesting article today that described some of the differences of bottled water versus tap water. I had always thought that bottled water would be cleaner and safer than tap. Little did I know that is not always the case? It turns out that tap water is regulated much more thoroughly than bottled.

The EPA has strict guidelines for tap water and almost no guidelines for bottled. I would hope that everyone would check out the safety of their water by contacting one of the many agencies that give information about your water. Safety should always be a first consideration.

The Flip-Top Promotion Pens In Bulk

It was a pleasant surprise to see so many options and price ranges while sis and I took the time to check out these bulk cheap pens at We really need to start marketing our newly formed small home-based business and one sure way is to have plenty of free handouts and a good pen is always appreciated. On the other hand a crappy pen is just a nuisance, so I want to make sure that we spend our money on a pen that people will like enough to hold onto and actually use.

I had never heard of The Flip-Top Promotional Metal Pen but I think that they are a great choice and goes for a reasonable price, considering we are buying in bulk. These pens are unique, which is something that we were looking for and amazingly enough we both seem to agree that they are going to be a new addition to our ever growing box of “marketing freebies” that are so necessary in today’s high tech and highly competitive sales market that we find ourselves in.

unique pens to give away

The Flip-Top Promotional Metal Pen

The Sunday Paper!

sunday coupon inserts

sunday coupon inserts

One thing I really enjoy is receiving the Sunday paper. Every Sunday is always a treat for me when I get the paper. I still like the smell of all the ink and paper and the weight and feel of it. I usually go for the Comics first. I’ve always enjoyed seeing my old friends such as Charlie Brown and Snoopy. After that, I may check out the other sections such as Home or Living. Of course the best part of the Sunday paper is the coupons. My neighbor is one of those extreme couponers and has 5 Sunday papers delivered to her house every Sunday and the next day, Monday you can find her knocking on all of the neighbors doors asking for their coupons that they aren’t going to use. She has the whole street trained to have their coupon section ready for her come Monday afternoon and if they want to clip any of them then they better do it right away or lose them, she is that good!

I’ve been hearing stories about many of the large paper companies going out of business. We have all ready lost so many of the small town papers, I am sad to hear of this. I would miss having my paper delivered every Sunday and it would be a sad day indeed if I could no longer receive it. I hope the paper will continue to be available for years to come!

The Game of Darts

While hubby and I have learned many things about each other, there are still occasions when we learn something new. This happened the other night when we decided to go out to a local tavern for a little fun. After we arrived we found that there was going to be a darts tournament that night and anyone could sign up. We both placed our names on the list and wished each other luck.

Little did anybody know, but I am a very good dart thrower. My father spent many hours practicing with me when I was young. He taught me all the secrets he had found in his many years playing the game. It was obvious that all the men thought I would be a pushover by their comments, but they soon found out different. The competition began and I made my first throw.

I went though the first three rounds successfully. I was able to rack up some good scores and win each set. I was happy to find that I had made the finals. My opponent was an experienced player as well. He said he came to this establishment on a regular basis and had been playing for years. I knew I would have to be on top of my game to win. The game started and I got off to an early lead. The problem was that in the second round I did very poorly and fell behind.

My opponent took the lead and never looked back. I was able to narrow the gap and keep the game interesting, but I could not make up the difference for that one poor round. In the end, I lost the game and congratulated the victor with big hug. I was able to impress everybody with my skills though and have put everyone on notice that I will return again until I win the trophy!

Dart Boards

The Games of Throwing Darts